Is my innovation a good fit for the Catalyst program?

While we are interested to hear from innovators at any stage of the life cycle of their idea, some ideas will be a better fit for the Catalyst program than others. Check out the points below to see if your idea is a good fit and if the timing is right.

  • Your innovation is unique and has the potential to transform health.
  • This is your best idea. You have a passion for seeing this change the world. Your highest priority is to advance/scale this innovation as fast as possible.
  • Your team has broad diversity in experience and background.
  • You have at least an early working prototype and data validating your innovation. Your innovation is ready to pilot.
  • Additional funding (up to $1M) and operational support will allow you to accomplish your goals and graduate from the Catalyst Program within 9 months.
  • You personally can commit to daily involvement in the project and weekly project check ins with the Catalyst team.
  • You can commit to taking personal responsibility for hitting project milestones.
  • There is a clear market or health care need for your innovation.
  • You have not yet incorporated a company to commercialize your idea.