SEED – Diagnostic

The studentled SEED (Selfreplicating EnvironmentallyEmbedded Diagnostic) team is developing a cellbased diagnostic tool using genetically modified live bacteria whose cells possess a natural ability to detect specific DNA or RNA sequences, potentially providing a diagnostic for a variety of conditions including COVID19.

SnapDx – Diagnostic

SnapDx is developing a unique and completely instrumentfree approach to multistep molecular diagnostics for home and field settings, via an ultra lowcost, electricityfree, salivabased molecular test for a variety of conditions including, COVID19, seasonal flu, and malaria.

TrueImage – Digital Health

TrueImage has developed a machine learning application to evaluate and improve the quality of patientcaptured images, including corrections for quality, skin blemishes, or skin pigmentation.

Hymecromone – Therapeutic

The ongoing COVID19 pandemic continues to remind us that therapeutic options to address respiratory inflammation and fibrosis remain limited. The Hymecromone project is developing a unique therapeutic for treatment of pulmonary hypertension, and other diseases characterized by inflammation and fibrosis. With support from Catalyst, the Hymecromone team has completed a successful Phase 1 clinical trial and partnered with pulmonary experts and emerging biotech Halo Biosciences to advance clinical development.

Over the shoulder shot of a patient talking to a doctor using of a digital tablet

PocketRN – Digital Health

PocketRN is developing a telenursing application to coordinate rapid, seamless communication between patients and nurses. With support from Catalyst, the PocketRN team worked with Stanford Health Care Nursing Administration to test and validate its algorithmbased, videovisit platform.

Cardinal Robotics – Med Tech

COVID19 has made disinfecting work environments a high priority across all industries. The studentled Cardinal Robotics team is developing a lowcost, autonomous UVC light generating robot technology to improve surface and air sanitization while protecting the user from exposure to UVC radiation.

VIVA – Digital Health

VIVA (Video Visit triage using AI) is creating a robust patient triage model by combining the scalability of chatbots with the precision and accuracy of physician video assessment.