Stanford Medicine Catalyst

Stanford Medicine Catalyst is a joint strategic effort between Stanford’s School of Medicine, Stanford Health Care, and Stanford Children’s Health, and serves as Stanford Medicine’s flagship innovation program to support inventors across the Stanford community in developing and accelerating their most promising innovations for transformative health.

Catalyst supports impactful, prototype-stage innovations across the spectrum of healthcare, with a focus on Digital Health, Medical Technology, Diagnostics, and Therapeutics. Catalyst fosters these innovations by offering up to $1M in capital, mentorship and access to industry experts. Chosen projects also receive program management, validation resources, testing and deployment within a regional health care system, go-to-market resources, readiness for independence and exposure to outside investors.

As a preeminent hotbed of transformative healthcare innovations, situated in the heart of Silicon Valley, Stanford holds limitless potential–and Catalyst exists to help navigate the challenges of successful and rapid translation of these great ideas, and scaling them to the broader patient population. We’re excited about the role Stanford Medicine Catalyst can serve in helping to realize this potential.

Words from leadership…

“The most challenging health care problems we face today demand interdisciplinary solutions. Through Stanford Medicine Catalyst, we are creating a bridge that connects innovators across Stanford Medicine to foster collaboration and accelerate solutions that meaningfully impact human health globally.”

Dr. Lloyd Minor
Dean, Stanford School of Medicine

“There are two basic parts to any great innovation: the blueprint and the execution. The Catalyst program considers both of these crucial elements in the market guidance, funding, and resources offered to ensure that promising ideas achieve real-world impact.”

Priya Singh
Chief Strategy Officer, Stanford Medicine

“Drawing from the transformative potential of our Stanford community, Catalyst redefines what is possible for patients by creating a rapid and reliable pathway for new innovations. Through Catalyst, we can incorporate breakthroughs into standard care faster than ever before.”

David Entwistle
President and CEO, Stanford Health Care

“We’ve only scratched the surface in terms of what’s possible for digital innovation in children’s health. The Catalyst program will play a crucial role in realizing that potential, here at Stanford Medicine and far beyond.”

Paul King
President and CEO, Stanford Children’s Health