Covid Pop-up

Update on the Stanford Medicine Catalyst COVID RFA

The full Stanford Medicine Catalyst program, which was slated to launch in May of 2020, is on hold due to the pandemic. A new date for the full launch (details here) is not yet determined. In the interim we are focusing on the COVID-inspired Pop-Up initiative.

Thank you for your interest in our COVID RFA. The application closed on August 3rd and the response from our Stanford innovators was nothing short of incredible! In just a few short weeks, our team received 89 submissions from a variety of Stanford community groups. A majority of the submission focused on the below categories:

  • Digital Health and Virtual Care
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Diagnostic Advancements
  • Medical Technologies and/or Devices


Submissions detailed their approach to unique and specific problems brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Multi-disciplinary teams collaborated to create innovative solutions and processes to assist in transforming healthcare.

Our expert review panels have received subsets of the submissions and are currently assessing the innovations’ impact to the healthcare system and the feasibility of implementation towards addressing current issues. They will also provide feedback and insights for each submission to help advance further development.

Words from leadership…

“There are two basic parts to any great innovation: the blueprint and the execution. The Catalyst program considers both of these crucial elements in the market guidance, funding, and resources offered to ensure that promising ideas achieve real-world impact.”

Priya Singh
Chief Strategy Officer, Stanford Medicine

“The most challenging health care problems we face today demand interdisciplinary solutions. Through Stanford Medicine Catalyst, we are creating a bridge that connects innovators across Stanford Medicine to foster collaboration and accelerate solutions that meaningfully impact human health globally.”

Dr. Lloyd Minor
Dean, Stanford School of Medicine

“In the wake of COVID-19, we have witnessed a renaissance in digital health—one that will transform the in-home care experience. Stanford Medicine Catalyst will help us redefine what is possible for our patients by creating a reliable pathway for new and exciting digital innovations.”

David Entwistle
President and CEO, Stanford Health Care

“We’ve only scratched the surface in terms of what’s possible for digital innovation in children’s health. The Catalyst program will play a crucial role in realizing that potential, here at Stanford Medicine and far beyond.”

Paul King
President and CEO, Stanford Children’s Health