Catalyst Directors

Picture of Michael Halaas

Michael Halaas

COO, and Associate Dean, Stanford School of Medicine

“For the last 125 years, Stanford and Silicon Valley have shared a special relationship—one that has produced an environment for innovation and entrepreneurism unlike anywhere else in the world.”

Picture of Euan Ashley

Euan Ashley, M.D.

Associate Dean, Stanford Medicine

“Stanford Medicine has a long history of pioneering medical innovations that transform how health care is practiced. By strategically partnering with industry, we can bring greater reach and scale to our groundbreaking work, ensuring that the discoveries we make today are readily used everywhere tomorrow.”

Picture of Kevin Wasserstein

Kevin Wasserstein

Executive Director, Stanford Medicine Catalyst

“At Catalyst we aim to unleash the unlimited potential of Stanford’s healthcare innovations by pairing passionate, brilliant inventors with experienced operators and entrepreneurs. Together, we roll up our sleeves to navigate each project’s unique challenges, catalyzing the path from bench to bedside”

Breaking down barriers for implementation and growth of impactful health care innovations.

Picture of Grayson Burdon

Grayson Burdon

Business Analyst

Picture of Jessica Kennedy

Jessica Kennedy

Director of Project Management

Picture of Krithika Kumar

Krithika Kumar

Director of Discovery

Picture of Kathleen Lacar

Kathleen Lacar

Project Manager

Picture of Jonathan Muddle

Jonathan Muddle

Project Manager

Picture of Alsu Zamaleeva

Alsu Zamaleeva

Project Manager

Picture of Larry Frye

Larry Frye

Special Advisor to Catalyst

Picture of Reed Sprague

Reed Sprague

Special Advisor to Catalyst, Executive Director Stanford Industry Relations and Digital Health